House retaining wall

More retaining walls – yay! I’m glad I bought the relatively flat block in Swan View, because some of the steeper blocks would have killed me. 🙂 Current plan is to smash out the retaining walls as quickly as I can, then get my sand pads done – both pads butt up against the walls, so it makes a lot of sense to get them done first. Earthworks guys want to do the house pad first so they’re not trucking sand in across the shed…Continue Reading “House retaining wall”

More trenching!

Next step was to get the retaining walls behind the shed and house installed. This has a couple of benefits: I have a nice well-defined edge for the sand pads. I can run all my services in the cavity behind the walls, before backfilling. Had a crack at digging the trench alongside the shed myself, with the help of a friend and a jackhammer. In 6 hours we exhausted ourselves and got….10 of the 40-odd meters of trench dug. 🙁 Back to the experts…. Called…Continue Reading “More trenching!”

First stages to getting power

Found a temporary meter box on Gumtree, yoinked it and had it installed by a local sparkie. Trying to avoid having one of these posts as a permanent thing, just because they’re ugly – according to Western Power, if your meter box is more than 27m from the dome then you have to install a post near the dome. At last measurement, my meter box will be 25m from the dome. Not pushing the limits at all. 🙂 I had this post put in on…Continue Reading “First stages to getting power”