Framing day 6

With the easy stuff done, we moved onto the trickier bits – very large brackets (to hold the ridge beam) installed on top of tall posts, with angled beams forming the gable ends. I’d been trying to work out a good way of doing these bits, and hadn’t really come up with a good answer until last night. The best I had was “put bracket on post, raise post and brace it *somehow* then muck around putting beams in. Last night I had the epiphany…Continue Reading “Framing day 6”

Framing day…5, I think?

I’d been tossing up options for how to install the major beam work for the shed…most of which was pretty long and quite heavy. My default assumption had been “hire crane, pay lots of money” because that’s how you lift heavy things, right? Then started watching Youtube videos about lifting beams, and stumbled across these guys using materials hoists. Apparently materials hoists are a thing, and actually quite cheap to hire – figured it was worth a shot, and meant I wasn’t paying for a…Continue Reading “Framing day…5, I think?”

Framing prep day

Spent the day cutting up timber into posts, cutting slots (for post supports), drilling lots of holes and cutting some rather large slots in rather large posts: (That’s a 190×190 merbau glulam, for the wood nerds playing at home. Quite nice bits of timber, but bloody heavy when you get four metres of it at once.

Shed framing, days 2, 3 and 4

Day 2: Did a bit more work on the brackets while the plumbers dug holes all over the place putting the water and sewer pipes in. Day 3: Took a bit longer than I was hoping to get hold of the post supports for all the other structural posts for the shed, but they finally came through. Frustratingly unproductive day working out the best way to drill the holes, empty the concrete dust out of the holes (google suggests all kinds of silly compressed-air-in-a-can, air…Continue Reading “Shed framing, days 2, 3 and 4”

Shed Framing, day 1

Armed with a pile of timber and a ute full of brackets, it was time to attack the shed framing. Figured I’d start with the posts mounted on the big brackets I’d put in place the other day and set up the cross-bracing – also I don’t have the post supports for all the other posts until Monday, so I can’t do them anyway. 🙂 So anyway, normal people would build normal houses where all the posts are the same length. Between the different top…Continue Reading “Shed Framing, day 1”

Above ground at last!

Collected the first batch of brackets for the framing yesterday, so I could (finally) start putting together something that might be a building, rather than just moving dirt around. ’tis very exciting. Plan for the day was to mount all the brackets for the shed on the L-bolts buried in the slab, which required a layer of grout. I’d vaguely contemplated doing each one as a free-standing pad, but a combination of sensibility and reading the instructions convinced me to make up some little formworks…Continue Reading “Above ground at last!”