Water tank prep

With the excavator still around thanks to the long weekend, I figured it’d be a good chance to get the sand pad prepped for my main water tank. Coincidentally, my sister had made a wild claim that she really wanted to learn to use a compactor – and I wasn’t going to pass up a willing helper or two. Me, K and dad gathered up the exxy, a compactor and the pile of sand I had delivered last week, and we had a right old…Continue Reading “Water tank prep”

Space in the milling guy’s solar kiln opened up, so I had to move the huge stack of timber from where we milled it to his place. Hired the excavator again to haul the 200+kg pieces of timber into the trailer, couple of runs and it was all moved. Hard day’s work with the help of dad, his trailer and his indestructible 80-series ‘cruiser.

Diggy diggy trenchy

Hard day at the office. Western Power put the green dome in the inconvenient corner (albeit for good reasons), on the wrong side of my future temporary crossover. Rather than hire an excavator just to dig a short trench under where the crossover will go, and get a sparky out just to put a cable in with nowhere to go until I get the rest of the pad laid out, I figured I’d do this one by hand and put in an empty pipe for…Continue Reading “Diggy diggy trenchy”

ATU Installation day

The day of the big tank, the big hole, the big tank in the big hole and then both disappeared. Gary from ATU Wastewater rocked up nice and early, with his 8t excavator and driver in tow – when I got on site they’d already ripped out a tree that was in the way, marked out the hole and had just about started digging. I’d been worried about hitting rock on this dig – the soil test guys said they’d hit rock at ~1.6m where…Continue Reading “ATU Installation day”

ATU preparation

Site visit with the ATU installer earlier in the week, which lead to some more tree-pruning so the excavator had enough vertical clearance to get the tank in where I wanted it. The other fun bit of information was “I need to put 6,000L of water into it as soon as it’s installed” – if it rains heavily after installation, runoff fills the hole around the tank and the tank floats out of the ground. This is bad. The only problem with this is my…Continue Reading “ATU preparation”