The invasion of the plumbers

Spent the morning trimming most of the ‘pads’ between the trenches down to the correct height (the sand pad varied in height by 20-30mm, and I’d – wisely? – taken a low point as my baseline) before these two blokes invaded the block and undid most of my good work: Plumbing pre-lay nearly fell in a hole straight away, when we discovered that I’d sent them an old copy of the plans before Neve had worked her magic on the bathroom – so all of…Continue Reading “The invasion of the plumbers”

Water tank

One of the smaller sustainability features I wanted to include was a decent rainwater setup – ideally running the entire house off rainwater, with mains backup. My last house was run entirely off rainwater, as there was no mains supply in the area, and I found that worked really well – it had a ~100kL tank, which filled every winter except one (I think it was 2015?) when Perth’s rainfall was wildly below average, and that was enough to get the household through the summer…Continue Reading “Water tank”