Who is Juffy?

My name is Paul. Don’t ask where “Juffy” came from. I’m a programmer by day, a woodworker by weekend and I still foolishly aspire to being able to run.

What is a Juffy House?

This is (or will be, when it’s finished) the culmination of 10+ years of wanting to live in a strawbale house. Since no one sells them, I’m going to have to make my own.

Why strawbale?

Because it’s gorgeous. Because it’s efficient. Because it’s something a bit different. Because ever since I stayed for a weekend at The Straw House near Witchcliffe, during my past life as a wannabe adventure racer, I’ve wanted to live in one. There’s something beautiful about strawbale houses that I’ve never felt in any other building.

What is this page?

This will be an adhoc chronicle of the build process, from buying the block to (hopefully) furniture and finishing.