Why is making decisions so hard?

Narrowed down the block choice to two. The Darlington battleaxe, vs the Swan View block with the well.

I loved the Darlington block when I wasn’t on it. It was the perfect location, a secluded block – it shared the driveway with two other blocks, one of which was vacant and the other was just starting construction. I had a wily scheme to get around the BAL restrictions. Setting foot on it I would instantly start noticing the issues. Access was a bitch, down the winding driveway. It was steepish, and fell sharply from the driveway. It was on the south face of the hill, so solar access would be very limited by surrounding trees.

The Swan View block was the opposite – when I wasn’t there, I found all the reasons not to like it (too suburban! too open! too flat!) but every time I set foot on it I loved it and just wanted to be there.

Price was almost the same for both blocks. I dragged a mate J around for his opinion, as an ex-landscaper and current house designer. He looked at both and asked me why the hell I was looking at Darlington when it was completely unsuitable for what I wanted to do. I realised he was right. 🙂

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