Shed rendering: final coat, day 3

Onto the hard stuff – high rendering, final coat. Hard to do this any way other than solo, since I’ve only got one platform ladder tall enough to reach the top of the shed walls. J dropped around for a couple of hours as well, so I got him to finish the last of the low stuff, and then some higher stuff working off the smaller ladder, while I chugged along on the platform ladder. It’s very slow, as I expected, but maybe not as…Continue Reading “Shed rendering: final coat, day 3”

More shed rendering!

…it’s almost like I’m trying to get this finished. Madness. Had R (of strawbale-house-down-the-road) fame dropping in for an afternoon rendering session, so I spent the morning finishing the second coat inside the shed – I just had the horrible annoying bit above the main doors to finish off. Decided it’d be better to work on the front wall of the shed, since the final coat inside stuff is all up ladders and I couldn’t make use of R’s expertise. R rocked up just in…Continue Reading “More shed rendering!”

Shed rendering: final coat day 2

Managed to end up with a small render party for the day, with J & C joining dad and me thanks to a random confluence of holidays and days off. Carried on with our paired setup, with me slapping render on the wall and C following along behind smoothing, while J and dad worked on the window reveals. Steadily worked our way through 4-5 mixer loads, and got nearly the entire shed done to head height.

Shed rendering: final coat

I’ve spent a couple of days experimenting with the final render coat on the inside of the shed – still working towards having it finished inside to get the old shed down. Started out in the wet area – if the shed is practice for the house, the shed’s wet area seems to be the practice for the shed. 🙂 I’ve never done final coat rendering before, so this was a very slow day working out what techniques worked. I’ve settled, for now, on getting…Continue Reading “Shed rendering: final coat”

A bit more house rendering

Taking advantage of a rare fine day in July, I finished off most of the north wall of the living room: and the newly-emptied massive living/dining/kitchen room, with the last of the bales and my stack of framing timber moved down to the (now-sealed) bedrooms:

Winter strikes

It’s extremely wet in Perth. Thankfully the house’s first coat is almost complete, so I’ve been able to dispense with the plastic wrapping – probably a good thing, since the wind was starting to tear it all to shreds anyway. Seemed like a good excuse to do some inside work – we’ve now pretty much finished the internal meshing (at last!). We also cleared out all the recessed rooms of the house – the master and 2nd bedrooms, main bathroom and 2nd toilet – and…Continue Reading “Winter strikes”

House roof flashings

A couple of days’ work to get the roof flashings up on the house. As part of the big update post a few weeks ago, I mentioned the fiddly ‘official’ method of doing the bottom bargeboards to comply with BAL requirements (using two pieces of metal – one with the visible profile, and another behind it cut out to fill the ridge holes in the roof skin). For the house I worked out a way to do it with one piece and achieve the same…Continue Reading “House roof flashings”

Random wiring

Some more fiddly bits – running some of the KNX wiring into the mounting plates (aka. a piece of the ubiquitous plywood) for light switches, and chasing the conduits into the bales. Just used the whipper snipper to chop out the channel up the face of the bales, then there’s another piece of conduit through the bales to the mounting plate.

Some more house rendering

A few more short rendering sessions – back onto the plasterer’s sand for sanity’s sake. Did a few days where I’d work on meshing the inside of the house (and doing other fiddly bits) in the morning, then fire up the mixer for 4-5 loads in the afternoon. This seemed to work pretty well – I could get some useful stuff done, knock off a bit of rendering and not end up exhausted. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 This ended up being seven mixer…Continue Reading “Some more house rendering”

Random bits of ceiling

Rainy Sunday catching up on meshing the inside of the house with a couple of helpers, and ticking off a few random fiddly bits. The main fiddly bit was the weird corner of the ceiling where the two roof planes meet – an old photo from roof installation day: Now that I’ve got interesting things like walls I had a better idea of the context of this join, and decided (with the consensus of everyone) that it would look a lot better if I could…Continue Reading “Random bits of ceiling”