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Back after a lovely road trip taking the scenic route to Adelaide, camping out of the back of my ute without many cares in the world. If you haven’t been to Cape Le Grand NP, I highly recommend it.

Sunset at Streaky Bay, SA

More negotiations with the owner, and we’d pretty much nailed down a price. The agent had promised me all services (except deep sewerage, because this is the hills) were available, and I could take power off the pole on the boundary between the two blocks. Sounds reasonable.

Just to be sure, I’ll check with Western Power.

WP: Haha no, thou shalt not take power off that pole, for above-ground power is the devil and we shall not connect thee.
Me: So….how much would a connection cost?
WP: Oh, somewhere between $9k and $15k.


  1. Don’t take the agent’s word for anything.
  2. Check everything twice.

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