That time when everything grows 5x faster.

Maintenance visit to the block – elderly neighbour on the downhill side asked if I could trim my trees back from their overhead electricity supply cable, so I borrowed a pole saw and did mine and theirs.

Neighbour on the uphill side (who’s moving to the back of beyond) offloaded his mowers to me, so I tried out the working one. Mowing 30cm grass isn’t a lot of fun, particularly when you have to stop and empty the catcher every 2 minutes. Ended up ditching the catcher and tying up the back flappy thing – happily the mower spits the clippings out on an angle, so I could still walk behind it and not get totally pummeled.

Much nicer – you can see the pile of clippings from emptying the catcher (before I gave up on it) middle-right.

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