What with all the delays with engineering etc, I’d decided to get moving on order and approvals for the ATU and water tank – I figured the ATU in particular would take aaaaages, because the supplier would take their customary 30 days to do stuff, and the council would take their customary 30 days to do stuff, and suddenly I’d be waiting on the ATU approval to get building approval.

Side note: I had to have the ATU approved by the council health people as part of the building approval, but it turns out you can do that part of the process separately from (and in advance of) the building approval itself.

Gary, however, had a different idea of how things should be done. He had the application form into the council in 6 days flat, and the council came back with approval 10 days later. So that’s that box ticked.

Meanwhile I ordered my water tank at the end of October (again, because it’ll take aaaages to be made etc). Got a call this morning from the tank people cheerfully asking if I would like it now or should they keep it on hold?

Err….on hold, please!

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