House-shaped holes!

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Armed with a shovel and my many, many string lines, I started attacking the trenches for the foundations. Quickly worked out that shaping the trench by hand was going to be a bad time, and made myself a profile out of ply. This made it a lot easier, even if it still wasn’t “fun” per se – was still a long day of throwing sand around, but I got half of the perimeter trench done.

Early trenching progress
At the lunch break – plant room/master bedroom up the left side, mbr, laundry & 2nd bedroom wall on the right.

This picture wasn’t really indicative of the weather, either – pretty constant drizzle for the morning, had to retreat to the shed a couple of times. The sand is holding shape nicely though – it’s nice and damp most of the way through thanks to all the rain last week, which makes it pretty carveable.

By the end of the day I had from the pantry, around the bedrooms and study to where the study wall joins the living room cut out.

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