Concrete prep: day 2

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Spent yesterday doing boring stuff – clearing extra sand out of the trenches (we’ve had a fair bit of rain which ruined my nice clean lines) and experimenting with my sweet new welding skills:

A corner in the c-channels that will form the inside edge of the upstand…I’m not going to win any welding prizes.

Early start today, with a vast array of men arriving shortly afterwards – the concreter, his 3 helpers and two steel guys. 8 hours of chaos, discussions, a couple of conversations with the engineer later, we’d turned this:

into this:

I did my usual a-bit-of-everything – started off cutting some more formwork boards (from my epic supply of 25mm ply) since it was going to work a lot better than the concreter’s 200mm-wide boards, did a bit of welding, then some discussing, more welding, more discussing, a lot of grinding, some cleaning up and then suddenly it was 3pm and we were done.

My engineer dropped past shortly afterwards to sign off on it all, then did a bit more welding before packing up for the day. Back again tomorrow to install the c-channel formwork and work out how to suspend the L-bolts for my main post brackets in mid-air. Should be fun.

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