Small progress and rain

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I’ve been stalled for a few weeks waiting for the rain to go away long enough for the shed slab to be poured. I’d dug out the foundations for the shed within a week of the house slab being poured, then the rain started and my concrete guy’s schedule went to hell.

In the meantime, I caught up on some small jobs:

Taking the formwork off the house slab and sealing the sides:

which was more digging, lots of tedious painting and then some more digging to fill it all in again.

Welded up the c-channels for the shed:

(with gratuitous bored dog included, miserable because I won’t let him off-leash to blunder his giant feet all over my trenches!)

This went a lot faster than the house, thanks to there only being two main sections and I was somewhat more experienced at welding. I put together both sections on the shed pad itself, since they were too big to move on my own afterwards.

Finally filled in behind one of the retaining walls:

Still going a little bit overkill on the walls – geofabric behind the wall, drain sock on top of the concrete footing (that’s the rest of the 20m tube coiled up in the background – I’ll run this around the corner and down the rest of this wall once the plumbers have put their pipes through. You may pick up that I’m a little paranoid about water. 🙂

Backfilled the wall itself with some of the sand dug out from the shed foundations and backed that up with one of the piles of dirt lying around.

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