Meanwhile, my shed windows arrived!

The frames and glass units came separately, which I wasn’t expecting and complicated picking it all up, but turned out to be a good thing since each frame weighed about 25kg, and the glass another 20kg.

Installation turned out to be quite easy – put each frame in place and wedged it, run expanding foam around the gap, wait for it to dry and…voila. The glass went in quite easily, once we worked out how to get the beads off the frame, wedged the glass in place and put the beads back in.

It was fascinating to hear the ambient road noise drop markedly as each window went in. With all three in, the interior of the shed was suddenly extremely peaceful.

Since I’ve got the wet area door in as well, there’s almost no breeze through the shed now, so it’s both peaceful and cool – the only opening left is the main doors, which will have to wait until I have my machinery out.

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