A bit of high baling, and a stud frame…

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Baled the fiddly triangular bits at the east end of the house, which I think is my least-favourite part of baling. Lots of part bales, trimming bales down to fit in awkward corners, and all while going up and down ladders a lot.

Then moved onto putting up the stud wall frames for part of the plant room – I’ve got my sparkies coming out next week to get the house sub-board started, so they need something to put the board on. Wasn’t sure how hard this would be – I wanted to put each section together lying on the ground, because it’s easier to get it flat and straight, but the roof angles promised to make it interesting.

Having the roof and floor markings made it almost too easy, though – measuring the exact heights of the corners was trivial, then it was just a case of cutting the outer frame, laying it out, cutting the inner uprights and then manoeuvring it all into place and attaching it into the floor and ceiling.

I have to admit it’s already annoying me with the lack of free movement across the inside of the house! But the laser makes locating them so easy I’m a bit more confident of putting the rest together….assuming I can get enough timber.

I haven’t really talked about the larger picture during this build, but the government stimulus for the building industry in the wake of COVID-19 is sending the entire industry into meltdown. I’m hearing stories of brickies charging $3+/brick, tradies being run off their feet and now there’s apparently a national shortage of framing timber. The latter is the only thing that’s really affecting me so far, but I did get a rude awakening when I put in an order for more 90×45 pine and my regular supplier said “No stock, no ETA, and our price has gone up 10% regardless.”

This is the first time the whole drama has really affected me, but I’m thankful I’m not trying to owner-build a standard house at the moment…

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