Trying my hand at cram-walling again – I really like the idea of having all the walls rendered, rather than a mix of render and conventional smooth gyprock. Armed with my sister and a big roll of chicken wire, got stuck into the wall between the master bedroom and the hallway/laundry.

Quickly discovered an unexpected benefit of 450mm stud spacing – you can stretch chicken wire along the wall, then go along and drop single biscuits between the studs. A bit of massaging and it fills the cavity nicely.

Two strips of chicken wire into it – some straw went on the walls, a lot ended up on the ground.

Had to do a bit of cable running during this – ran my KNX circuit in from the outer wall to the three light switches in this wall, and then extend them out over the doorway.

The laundry side, with more KNX wiring hanging around.

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