For something different – finally got to use my machines!

Started work on the main doors for the shed, for which I’d bought a big load of rough-sawn marri at an auction a while back. I’d been wanting to get started on this for a while, but I really needed my machines to get into it because the first step to dealing with rough timber is milling it to be straight and square….for which ‘the monster’ is perfect.

Found 6 straightish lengths, milled them down and framed out the openings:

both to give myself something to hang hinges on, and to get some clearance from the sides and the slightly-dodgy ladder frame above. That also gave me the actual size of the openings, so I could size the doors.

Some more milling and I had the beginnings of some door-shaped objects:

(there’s lots more to go on this, don’t get excited.)

I really need to get my dust collectors sorted out, because I also made a LOT of mess:

The monster surrounded by its leftovers from a big feed of marri. I love this beast. 🙂

Also got to play with my giant bandsaw, armed with a very brutal-looking new blade:

If that blade doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

It turns out it’s surprisingly easy to get new blades for a 30-year-old Italian bandsaw – found a place in Maddington that will whip you up a custom-length blade in a few hours, and this thing goes through marri like it’s not even there.

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