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The hunt for a block….my criteria were, in no particular order:

  • between 15 and 20km from the city (because it’s a nice distance for cycle commuting – too close and it’s not worth getting hot and sweaty, too far and it’s too hard for my aging body to ride that distance. 🙂
  • minimum 1500sqm, to give the inevitable large dogs somewhere to run, with room for chickens, a garden and all the fun stuff.
  • relatively flat, because I don’t have the budget for crazy earthworks.
  • somewhere between Swan View and Kalamunda, in the foothills.

I found a variety of blocks, most of which weren’t at all flat – it seems like there’s a reason why these blocks were sitting idle, and that was mostly because it was impossible to build on them…

A couple were more promising – a battleaxe block in Darlington, which was 2000sqm but the preliminary BAL assessment knocked that down to 267sqm at BAL 29! Another battleaxe in Greenmount, which relatively flat, but…kinda boring.

Then there was one in Swan View – 1750sqm, 82x21m, ~2m fall across the blocks in both directions….and a well. Why was there a well on a suburban block? Just a nice low stone/brick wall with a metal cover, and a loooong concrete shaft below it.

Things to ponder.

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