Planning application, and some more about sheds

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Some lucky people don’t need to get planning approval, but I needed it for a couple of reasons:

  1. You always need to get planning approval for building in areas with high bushfire risk, and
  2. To fit my slightly-less-than-gigantic shed on the block, I needed a couple of retaining walls close to the boundaries.
The shed layout, with retaining walls at the north and south ends.

The shed has a couple of slightly….unique features. I wanted an extra wet room, because there’s nothing worse than getting completely covered in sawdust, and then…needing to visit the bathroom. So….my shed has a bathroom. Don’t judge me.

The extra store room will largely be filled by my dust collector, to keep the dust away from….well, me.

The windows on the western side are largely to satisfy the council. I don’t need them there, and glass in an area where you’re likely to have flying timber (if I make a mistake with a machine, or just get pissed off 🙂 ) isn’t a great idea, but the council wanted something there to disguise the fact that I’ve got a whopping great wall on the street-facing side – a 15m blank wall isn’t all that attractive, after all.

The ‘extra’ bit of wall, at the north end of the street-side wall, is just for privacy – I don’t want my vehicles and whatnot visible from the street if I can avoid it, and it forms a noise screen between the main garden and the street.

So with much drawing by my awesome architects, a sketch of where the ATU will do its business, and a cover letter explaining all the weird things I was going to do, in went the planning application. Aaaaaand now we wait.

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