Once I start earthworks, I’m going to dig a massive hole at the base of the existing driveway…so I needed a new crossover.

Recruited a few family members, including my sister who (as I might have mentioned) is a huge fan of….using compactors. Still can’t explain it, but very happy to exploit it. 🙂

I’d already moved a few pieces of concrete kerbing to protect the trunks of the trees, and moved a big pile of the dirt from the ATU hole to somewhere near the new crossover, so today was just a lot of earthmoving and some rock art on the downhill side as a retaining bank, while my sister went around and around in circles with the compactor.

The first version got tested by dad’s Landcruiser, which of course made it up without even trying – my RWD Falcon, complete with trailer on the back, was nearly not successful at all (and definitely wouldn’t have been if I’d had to look out for traffic as I charged up the slope) so we added a bit more dirt which made it a lot easier for the Falcon.

Final result doesn’t look too bad:

There’s about 4-5 cubic metres in that, even if it doesn’t look like it.

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