More earthworks!

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In one of those random encounters that you get from time to time, a bloke walked down the road while we were doing the crossover the other week and stopped for a chat. Turns out he used to run a small building company, but now his nephew (who lives two doors down from me…wait…can I say “two doors down” before I even have a door? I guess the neighbours have a door and he has a door, so let’s go with it) does the building while Len does earthworks/siteworks. So we had a chat and he offered to provide advice and/or earthworks if I needed it.

Ended up getting him in with a lovely big front-end loader to clean up the quarry we created last week. A few hours, and a misbehaving turbo later, and the block looks a LOT more like a building site.

This is a fun toy, even if I wasn’t allowed to drive it. 🙁

Both pad areas have been cleared, scraped and brought down to a suitable level, and he dropped a few scoops of the nice clean fill onto the crossover, which has made it positively civilised. There’s also now a small mountain of dirt in the middle of the block which is, weirdly, not at all in the way.

The shed area, complete with part of the dirt mountain
The house area

Since I was there, I also arranged a small load of concrete to finish off the retaining wall footings. Funny how the first concrete load made me freak out with lots of “OMG I don’t know what’s happening and I can’t undo this if it goes wrong and it’s a lot of concrete and what if the posts go sideways and and and and and…”, and then the second load it’s just “yeah hi mate, bung it in the hole and the rest goes over here, Bob’s your uncle.” 🙂

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