Shed retaining wall complete!

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Took down the formwork for the wall on Thursday, and did most of the bottom row of panels. Put (most of) the rest of the panels in today, and did some work fixing the panels in place – one manufacturer suggested putting mortar in the channel of each post behind the panel to lock the panel in place, so I did some of that too.

Pretty happy with the final result – I’m liking the angled panels at each change of height.

The missing panels in the left section are on purpose – they’re where I’m likely to have services (particularly power) going under the wall, so I’ve left those panels out to improve access for my long-suffering sparky. The gap in the middle is for a set of steps at some point in the future leading up to the street – for the moment it’ll stay an ugly gap in the wall because it’s a pretty low priority. 🙂

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