Somewhat brutal day with a genie lift, lots of bonus hands and a 37° forecast.

Started with lifting and cross-bracing the angled beam in the NW corner, to hold the ridge beam post upright. Then had to bring up the two beams on the north side of the living room, because they support a short beam that butts into the side of one of them. The ridge beam then butts into that short beam.

This is….fine.

The first three went up pretty easily. The ridge beam turned into a bit of a mission, mostly because the centre of gravity was where three different levels met on the concrete slab, making for very limited mobility for the genie lift. (this wasn’t an issue on the shed, since there was no wet-area set-downs.)

Eventually we slotted it into place and quickly bolted it in before it all went pear-shaped, then we headed for the shade because it was horribly hot out on the slab.

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