House Baling, Day 3

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Slightly random day – I put a post up on FB inviting any of my friends who were interested, to drop by and see what this whole baling thing was about. So I expected lots of talking and not a huge amount of work. 🙂

Got stuck into the section of wall between the front door and the big windows – nice simple wall with one window and a corner (a 90° corner! What a luxury! *glares at architects* 🙂 ), but quite a contrast to the back end of the house in that it was two relatively long continuous sections. I worked on the first bit while my sister got started on the second, then some more on my own until a group I’d met on another build rocked up for some fun. Demonstrated strapping to them (since the first section was just done) then we all got into the other bit …..well, they did. I mostly talked to all the other people who turned up at random times, and kept an eye on things.

That all seemed to work though, and suddenly the rest of the wall was ready for strapping. Quickly made up the top ladders and we got it all strapped down safely.

….along with yet another wool sack full of loose stuff.

We were just about to pack up when I made a comment about cyclone Seroja coming through in a couple of days – and someone pointed out the forecast was actually for the rain to come through tonight(!). So I also got to do a quick demonstration on “how to wrap your house in plastic in double-quick time”. Wrapping the bottom 2m seemed to work nicely on the shed, so I’m carrying on with that practice here. (despite the wind forecast, this seems to have held nicely)

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