Some more baling

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With the rain going away again, I could get stuck into the last wall to be baled – an 8.5m wall, 3.7m high at its tallest (fading down to 3.3m thanks to my favourite people and their fancy starts…. 🙂 ) with three tall windows to make life interesting and a funny little 105° bend at the end.

The windows split the wall up into four columns, with one funny little 400mm-wide one between two windows. The two wider columns went up pretty easily, I’m splitting bales with my brain on automatic by now. The narrow one I experimented with stacking bales on end – I would normally expect this to be horribly unstable, but the column is surrounded by four timber posts which stabilises it nicely. I had to be pretty careful compressing it down though, as it made a few bids for freedom out to one side or another.

The 105° angle also caused some headscratching, but in the end I gave up trying to get the sharp corner shaped exactly in bales, and went with “close enough” – I’ll mesh this corner out to shape it. Lots of notching around that post on the inside of the corner though.

Top view of the column with the 105° corner, and a bonus lazy dog snoozing in the sun.

End of the day’s work saw all four columns up:

The funny narrow column with its vertical bales.
The dog thinks building is incredibly boring.

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