Retaining wall: propping

Another fun day putting the posts in place to be concreted. Thankfully had some help for this, so I could mostly stay in the trench while my helper ran around fetching posts, spacers and bluemetal. The technique recommended by the wall manufacturer worked really well, with a top & bottom spacer (the top one with notches to sit on the top of each post) to keep the posts aligned with each other. I made the spacers out of structural pine, which is wildly overkill for…Continue Reading “Retaining wall: propping”

More retaining wall fun

Physically draining day today prepping the retaining wall posts – what with me changing the foundation design, and hitting a lot of rock’ish type stuff, I had to shorten 16 of the 22 posts. Cue 7 hours with two grinders (one for cutting the concrete down to the embedded rebar, the other to cut the rebar) and a lot of lugging some very heavy posts around. The pretty red ends are painted to protect the now-exposed rebar from rusting out. Lesson of the day would…Continue Reading “More retaining wall fun”