ATU preparation

Site visit with the ATU installer earlier in the week, which lead to some more tree-pruning so the excavator had enough vertical clearance to get the tank in where I wanted it. The other fun bit of information was “I need to put 6,000L of water into it as soon as it’s installed” – if it rains heavily after installation, runoff fills the hole around the tank and the tank floats out of the ground. This is bad. The only problem with this is my…Continue Reading “ATU preparation”

Ahh, spring

That time when everything grows 5x faster. Maintenance visit to the block – elderly neighbour on the downhill side asked if I could trim my trees back from their overhead electricity supply cable, so I borrowed a pole saw and did mine and theirs. Neighbour on the uphill side (who’s moving to the back of beyond) offloaded his mowers to me, so I tried out the working one. Mowing 30cm grass isn’t a lot of fun, particularly when you have to stop and empty the…Continue Reading “Ahh, spring”