So the BAL assessment came back.

Hahaha WTF

What the…

I was expecting mostly blue, with that strip at the back to offset it from the trees on the eastern neighbour’s block. Instead, my northern neighbour’s front garden, with some extremely tall eucalypts, was declared a Class A Forest with a 33m BAL-FZ (the nasty red bit) zone around it. Oh dear.

My original plan was to have my house nearer the road (the left side of the above image, where all the red is) and my workshop behind it. But…you can’t build in BAL-FZ. Well, you can, but councils hate it and the regs are nasty and it’s…’s just all bad.

So my mate J had the bright idea of flipping the entire thing – workshop at the front, house at the back. Sheds aren’t subject to BAL restrictions…

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