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Quite a random day, people-wise – a mate’s daughter has apparently been quite excited about the whole strawbale thing, so they came up for the day to generate loose straw and mutilate bales. Another mate and a couple of relatives came for visits as well, so I seemed to spend most of the day talking to people while everyone else worked.

I put up a short section of wall (a rather annoying 1.4m long stand-alone wall, because I know how to make things easy for myself) before the others arrive, which allowed me to test out my recipro saw (aka sabre saw, sawzall depending on where you’re from) for carving out notches for posts etc. Most people use chainsaws or handsaws for this, but the recipro seemed like a nice combination of subtlety (hah!), speed and relative safety.

Turns out it works quite nicely – could do with a longer blade to make things a bit faster. I might get a couple of 300mm pruning blades to make it look a bit more fearsome. 🙂

Lining up for some violence…
Recipro goes brrrrrrr

By the end of festivities we had about 12m of wall built to 2m – I didn’t want to push it any higher than that without enough time to get the whole wall up and strapped, it was getting a touch wobbly. 🙂

The bit I did early in the day on the left, then the group effort for the rest.

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