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Short(ish) day on the walls, finishing off the wet area/dusty room to full height.

Last time I’d gotten up above the level of the door frames, which let me start stitching together the different pieces and made the whole thing a lot more stable (the short section of wall between the two doors fell over after my first baling session, because I neglected to tie it to anything.) The frame over the dusty-room doors is fixed, but I’m experimenting with floating the plate over the wet room door in the bales. The door frame itself will be fixed to the posts and (probably) to this plate as well.

Fixed and floating plates were both meshed on the bottom and filled with loose straw. Today we fitted the last few bales, put together the top plate over this section (which will be slightly lower than the main top plate around the shed) and hoisted it into place. Unwound the looped-up straps that have been getting in the way for ages and fed them over the top plate, deciphered the strapping tensioner tool and gave the straps a preliminary tightening – if nothing else, the top plate holds the whole thing together nicely and stops it all from tipping over.

Came home a bit early, doing some more prep for the ludicrous number of people my architects have managed to rope in for a weekend of shenanigans….

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