More baling!

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Another day of baling, attacking the last main section of shed wall between the wet area door and the main doors.

Had another friend turn up for some baling fun, so we quickly taught her the notching and bale-cutting and got to it. This section of wall was pretty simple – no windows and only one corner – and the main slowdown seemed to be cutting the complicated bales around the big posts….which of course was the bit I was doing. Always letting the side down, that’s me.

I then excelled myself by forgetting to reserve a hole in the wall into the dusty room for the extractor pipe to come through. I left my helpers to deconstruct the wall, which they did in a very organised fashion – even numbering the bales:

to make them easier to reinstall. I made the hole as just a simple wooden frame big enough to feed a 200mm PVC pipe through, and I’ll make up a plate to cover it….at some point. I figure the hole will be useful for other things too – I have vague plans to put an air compressor in the dusty room too, so I can feed an air hose connection through this shaft too.

Anyway, we made this wall up to the 9 courses(!) of the rest of the main walls, got a top plate up without the whole thing falling over and strapped it down – of course one of the straps goes across the shaft, because I’m bad at this.

The newest section of wall, on the left.

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