Shed rendering: final coat, day 3

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Onto the hard stuff – high rendering, final coat. Hard to do this any way other than solo, since I’ve only got one platform ladder tall enough to reach the top of the shed walls. J dropped around for a couple of hours as well, so I got him to finish the last of the low stuff, and then some higher stuff working off the smaller ladder, while I chugged along on the platform ladder.

It’s very slow, as I expected, but maybe not as slow as I’d feared. There’s definitely some benefit in getting it as smooth as possible off the straight trowels, as fiddling with it afterwards is made slower by the height. Had some good results late in the piece by using the straight trowel to get most of the render on, then using a longer concrete trowel (with a rounded end) to skim-coat a tiny bit more render over the top for a decent finish.

Got the eastern wall finished (which was my goal for the day), and then as a bonus got half the south wall done as well.

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