Inside rendering!

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Finally time to start rendering the inside of the house! Knocked off a couple of sections of the living room:

and the little bit over the front door, which I’d finally gotten around to meshing yesterday. I swear I’d mowed this wall a couple of times, but I probably should have mowed it again before starting, it was a little fluffy.

Spent a bit more time doing dropsheets than I did on the shed, and pulled them out as part of cleanup (rather than letting them dry first) which did a nice job of keeping the floor clean.

Chucked the leftovers into deep spots around the front door:

One of the things I love about this house design is watching the sunlight moving around the house through the big windows. At the moment the late-afternoon sun is sneaking past the front of the (new) shed, coming all the way through the house and actually hits the old shed out the back:

That line of sight won’t survive (there’s more internal walls to go up) but even reaching the wall with that LVL on it is pretty impressive given that it’s 15m back from the end of the building. As much as I rag my architects and their 15° angles, they did an awesome job. ♥

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