Sorting out the shed (and the container)

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After giving up on getting my sea container delivered, I hired a moving van for a day and did three trips from the container yard to the shed moving all of my timber. *cries* My main racks, which started off looking like this:

…ended up looking more like this:

Haha I have too much timber. And there’s more in the carport.

Then I went to put my last section of rack up in the carport (cos there’s no room in the shed!) and found it was too big. So I had to unload an entire rack (the heaviest one, of course), reconfigure them both and reload them. Because I needed to lift more heavy things.

The machines…

That left only 10 things in the container – unfortunately the lightest of them was about 150kg, and the heaviest was….600 or so? I don’t know, I don’t have a set of scales big enough. 🙂 Eventually found some removalists who weren’t scared of weird things and had lovely big truck with a 2t taillift, and between four of us we managed to empty the container and bring it all up to the block.

So now I have some lovely big machines taking up most of the shed:

The thing on the right is what I affectionately call “the monster”, an elderly Sicar 2200 thicknesser/planer with a 470mm capacity – I picked it up at an auction a few years back and, while I love it, I have never had a good time moving it. The engine crane in the background can lift it, but even that struggles….and I think it broke the crane today, it doesn’t seem to go up any more. The other seriously heavy machine is an equally-elderly Meber 600 bandsaw but that’s only about 300kg and 2m tall. I love my old 3-phase machines. 🙂

I went to plug the monster in to make sure it still runs (seems useful) and….discovered that there’s multiple sizes of 3-phase plugs? FFS, WHY? I had the circuits specced as high as I could (because why not), but that meant the sparkies installed 20A sockets, and….all of my machines have 10A plugs. *sigh*

My giant dust collector (yes, with the wrong 3ph plug) is also looking adorable in its dedicated room:

…I’m actually quite happy about how well the collector and compressor fit in this room, since the dimensions were a wild-ass guess. 🙂 The idea is that I can pipe both of them through the hole in the wall on the right, and I had the points in this room switched from the inside so I can control them without coming out.

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