Above ground at last!

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Collected the first batch of brackets for the framing yesterday, so I could (finally) start putting together something that might be a building, rather than just moving dirt around. ’tis very exciting.

Plan for the day was to mount all the brackets for the shed on the L-bolts buried in the slab, which required a layer of grout. I’d vaguely contemplated doing each one as a free-standing pad, but a combination of sensibility and reading the instructions convinced me to make up some little formworks to contain it.

Availed myself of the Bunnings scrap bin, which is often a treasure trove of useful timber pieces – found a nice piece of chipboard about 900mm square which I yoinked for a dollar, cut it down into strips and made little forms to go around the base of each bracket. An impact driver and a box of constantly-recycled tek screws is probably the most useful bit of kit I’ve used so far. 🙂

First step, mixxy mixxy mixxy:

Round and round and round she goes, where she stops depends on where the bucket tips over…

Second step, put formwork in place and fill with grout:

Isn’t it cute?

Plonk bracket in place and wiggle it around until it’s straight and level and all those good things:

Aaaand repeat another 10 times, in between passing showers:

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