Framing day…5, I think?

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I’d been tossing up options for how to install the major beam work for the shed…most of which was pretty long and quite heavy. My default assumption had been “hire crane, pay lots of money” because that’s how you lift heavy things, right? Then started watching Youtube videos about lifting beams, and stumbled across these guys using materials hoists. Apparently materials hoists are a thing, and actually quite cheap to hire – figured it was worth a shot, and meant I wasn’t paying for a crane operator to sit around smoking while I worked out what I was doing. 🙂

Co-opted my sister for most of the weekend to act as another pair of hands and we got stuck in. Started with the short beam along the wet area because it was short. Strapped it to the lift, turn the handles and….

oh, it just works that easily does it?

Beam goes up, move the lift forward so the beam is over the brackets, beam goes down.

By the end of the day we had the three straight beams installed…give or take a post or two. 🙂

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