Where the wall meets the ceiling

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One of the things that had been bugging me was how to get a clean join between the wall render and the ceiling – particular with the small cut bales above the top plates being kinda…small and fiddly.

The best idea I could come up with was to mount a strip of timber to the ceiling, attach mesh to that and bring that down over the small bales and the top plate to the main wall.

The first problem was how to get that strip in the right place – out came the laser from a long hibernation. Set it up with the vertical laser on, tweaked that so it was parallel to the inside edge of the bottom ladder of each wall and measured the offset from that edge. I could then measure that same distance back from the laser line on the ceiling, and get (in theory!) a line directly above the bottom ladder. With the inside face of the timber strip (actually some more of the ubiquitous ply!) on this line, everything should line up.

We proved the theory pretty well, and found the cut bales I thought were a bit thin were mostly actually quite close to the right plane – it turns out the walls themselves are a bit fat and fluffy. Out with the whipper snipper to clobber them back (and make an unholy mess in the process), staple the mesh up and voila, one relatively straight and vertical wall:

After some stuffing and pinning this should work really nicely.

So we repeated that process around the rest of the internal walls, and the front wall of the shed in the carport.

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