….a pun I promise I’ll only make once.

I’ve got two weeks off over Christmas, so my goal is to get as much of the house frame as possible up. First step: post supports. Dug out the heavy hammer drill again, which last saw action fixing the bottom ladder to the shed slab….wow, that was only 10 weeks ago?

Lots of string-lines, measuring tapes and random marks on the concrete resolved into a bunch of outlines and hole marks for the post supports, and got into the drilling. SDS drills are definitely your friend – using a basic Metabo model, and it rips through the concrete almost as fast as the giant Hilti thing I hired for the shed, while being a hell of a lot more accurate and controllable because it’s the size of a normal hammer drill. Hit a few bits of rebar along the way, some of which I managed to drill through and….some I gave up and used another corner of the support base. 🙂

Of course it’s December in Perth, so the sun was pretty brutal – and bonus points for doing all of this while standing (or sitting) on a concrete slab made darker than usual for better heat absorption. Excellent planning there.

So hot even the concrete went pale.

Screwed a couple of the supports down to use them as the basis for more stringlines, but left the rest because it was just wildly too hot by 2pm’ish.

Most nervous part of the day was drilling into the floor itself – the shed was easy, all the posts were in the outer wall upstand and I could hide any mistakes. There’s nowhere to hide when your post goes here:

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