More inside rendering

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Got the first coat onto three walls of the inside of the shed over the last few days:

Back wall
Road-side wall (still need to do a couple of the window reveals…

The last few sessions I’ve been doing 4 or 5 mixer loads, rather than 8-9, and that seems to be keeping the worst of the lime burns at bay – not sure whether I get careless as I get tired, or if it’s just a gradual buildup of lime over time.

House-side wall
More of the house-side wall

One change I did make was to tweak the order of mixing each batch to put more water in earlier. This seems to do a good job of keeping the mix mobile instead of clumping up on the bottom of the mixer, which means I don’t spend so much time poking around in the mixer, which means less render getting on my arm and clothes.

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