Framing with lasers

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I keep finding new ways to abuse this laser, it’s the BEST toy.

I wanted to put a left-over piece of LVL into a wall to mount a sliding door to (if it’s like the rest of the things I build, it’s going to be a bloody heavy door…), but I wasn’t confident of getting it level if I did my usual technique of making up the piece of wall flat on the ground and then raising it.

Next-best plan was to make up the rest of the wall, raise that, then mount the LVL to it in-place. Mounted the laser to a random bit of plywood (is there anything this plywood can’t do?) clamped that to a handy stud (no, not me *boom tish*) and voila – level markings!

Much easier than trying to sling around a 40kg piece of LVL and a spirit level. Did some notching:

Et voila:

Slightly overkill, but the LVL was just sitting around getting the in the way so it might as well get used.

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