First (house) windows

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I’d decided to get the big stacker doors, and the highlight windows, in the living room corner installed by the manufactures because…..well, basically because the thought of doing them myself was a little too daunting.

I think that was the right call – installing windows is easy enough, but watching the guys do the doors was a bit eye-opening, with their leveling and straightening in all three dimensions. I’d made a mistake with the order for these sections – I was specifying everything 10mm smaller than the spaces, to allow room for adjustment and leveling, but….for some reason that got lost and most of the measurements were either exactly the size, or 1-2mm oversize, for the space. The installers were pretty used to incompetent orderers though (and deliverers – somehow I ended up with one of someone else’s window glass?) and used a variety of tricks to get them in.

There was also an amusing conversation when they realised that the highlight windows weren’t square (see previous comments about architects’ follies) and that every piece of glass was a different size. Cue much sorting through the stack of glass panels, waving tape measures around and arguing about widths vs heights vs angles, while randomly watching the ringneck parrots feasting on the flame tree flowers outside.

Anyway, after a few hours we had the highlights in, and the frames of the stacker doors:

and it all looks extremely awesome. I left them to it, to put in an appearance at my day job, but there’ll no doubt be more photos coming soon.

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