The installers had finished the job in my absence, so there was some nice finished windows when I got there:

This all looks very….wait, what’s this?

FFS. This opening has been closed for like 2 days and already I’ve trapped a bloody idiot pigeon!

This twit was sitting on the window winder, flapping madly at the window every so often and generally getting very confused that his little pigeon highway was closed. Thankfully he was willing to let me pick him up and show him the open door all of 30cm below him (the installers had actually left the door ajar) and he was more than happy to fly off as though it was on purpose.

Outside view

Back into the shed to mill down some more marri for the doors. Nothing particularly interesting yet, other than some very pretty spalted marri:

If nothing else, these are going to be the prettiest shed doors ever. 🙂

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