The plumbers descended on the block today, for the first time since….I think it was when they did the sewer run down around the back of the house, which was a while ago. It’s changed a bit since then.

I had a few jobs for them today, which they thought might take them more than a day:

  • install the shed toilet & sink
  • hook up the meter to the main supply pipe
  • run all of the internal plumbing in the house walls, in aid of being able to close those walls up
  • finish off the sewer run into the ATU

With 3 or 4 guys though, they smashed out the entire job in one day. So I now have a functioning toilet and sink in the shed:

Ignore the blocks of wood holding down the sink while the silicone dries! 😀

The sink cabinet is just a framework made from bits of pine, and a pre-made sheoak panel from Bunnings. It pains me to buy timber (and it’s not like I need more of it) but the speed of preparation for these glue-lam panels (for less than $50) is just too attractive in my time-constrained state.

Internal plumbing went well, with the addition of many random pieces of timber as mounting blocks. So there is now a small forest of black piping running through most of my internal framing:

And then I went through afterwards and wrapped all the hot lines in pool noodles:

…and yes, I pulled all of the red noodles out of the pile because it’s important to colour-coordinate your water lines. The plumbers commented that this was a relatively unusual job for them by modern standards – most installs of this type are all done in the roofspace (which of course I don’t have) and the pipes are fed down the wall cavities, so having to shoehorn all of the runs into stud framing was a bit fiddly.

The meter and sewer connections also got done, but they weren’t very exciting so I didn’t take any photos. 🙂

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