Rendering: 2nd coat, inside

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I’ve also been chipping away at the inside 2nd coat – keeping on with my 5-6 mixer loads/day and getting some other stuff done along the way. The dog has been doing an excellent job of supervision:


….but not otherwise contributing much.

North wall of the living room.

Did this wall over a couple of sessions, because the window reveals are tedious as heck. This funny 105° corner (the “Architect’s Folly”) was interesting as well – I needed to build it out a LOT, because baling a 105° corner is almost impossible and it wasn’t much easier to mesh it. Rather than try to just get a lot of render to stick to an exposed corner I cut a narrow strip of mesh, bent it to the right angle and just…buried it in the render. I found it worked well to put some render on one face, then just push the mesh into it to hold it still while rendering the rest. Worked very nicely, and has straightened up that corner substantially. (the added mesh should also just make it stronger, which is a good thing with such an exposed, sharp corner)

That same corner, but looking into the study.
2nd bedroom, internal and external wall.

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