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Been installing windows, with a mate for extra hands and good ideas, over the last couple of weekends.

It’s a surprisingly fiddly process – lots of checking levels, verticals and straightness in lots of different directions, and mucking about with shims to keep everything straight:

  • Drill and countersink holes in the frame for screws
  • Put window in wall (this is where you really need the extra person, to hold it up while you muck around) and get it straight and upright
  • Screw lowest screw in on one side
  • Check upright, screw top screw and then intermediate ones
  • Repeat on other side
  • Back each screw off and shim between the window and the timber surround until the frame stays straight when you tighten the screw back up again.

With up to 10 screws in each window, it….takes a while.

On to the photos, because I know that’s all you lot care about. 🙂

Living room window, next to the front door.
Pantry and (in the background) master bedroom.
East end windows (aka. unofficial doors, since these are tilt-and-turn windows that can fully open…)
2nd bedroom and study, north wall

Still got a few windows to go (thanks to some supplier issues, I haven’t received them all, and I’m holding off installing the doors until I’ve done a bit more rendering.

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