More shed demolition (and cleanup)

Destroyed the rest of the framework with the recipro and then attacked the slab. The left side of the shed had a concrete floor which I was reasonably sure had been badly done – it was on a significant slope, and one part had split off and fallen further down the hill – but the first job was to work out how big a job it was going to be. Attacked it a bit with my big hammer drill and a chisel bit, but that…Continue Reading “More shed demolition (and cleanup)”

Shed demolition

With the new shed locked up, I could get started on….knocking down the old shed! Because apparently you CAN have too many sheds? At least you can if you ask the council. The old shed is a bit of an abomination – a mixture of kinda-properly built, home-built, wired for power and lights with some of it done well (conduit, circuit breakers etc) and some of it with wires stapled to rafters. (it was powered from the block next door, and they cut that off….I…Continue Reading “Shed demolition”

Shed doors

It’s been a few weeks, but that’s because I wanted to do this in one post rather than talking about woodwork all the time which is totally off-topic for a strawbale blog. 😉 So the original plan for the shed was to do normal boring typical roller doors because…it’s a shed. You have roller doors. *shrug* At some point along the way I thought maybe it’d be cool to build barn-style doors myself….and then a couple of days later a timber auction popped up with…Continue Reading “Shed doors”

More window photos

The installers had finished the job in my absence, so there was some nice finished windows when I got there: This all looks very….wait, what’s this? FFS. This opening has been closed for like 2 days and already I’ve trapped a bloody idiot pigeon! This twit was sitting on the window winder, flapping madly at the window every so often and generally getting very confused that his little pigeon highway was closed. Thankfully he was willing to let me pick him up and show him…Continue Reading “More window photos”

First (house) windows

I’d decided to get the big stacker doors, and the highlight windows, in the living room corner installed by the manufactures because…..well, basically because the thought of doing them myself was a little too daunting. I think that was the right call – installing windows is easy enough, but watching the guys do the doors was a bit eye-opening, with their leveling and straightening in all three dimensions. I’d made a mistake with the order for these sections – I was specifying everything 10mm smaller…Continue Reading “First (house) windows”

Making sawdust!

For something different – finally got to use my machines! Started work on the main doors for the shed, for which I’d bought a big load of rough-sawn marri at an auction a while back. I’d been wanting to get started on this for a while, but I really needed my machines to get into it because the first step to dealing with rough timber is milling it to be straight and square….for which ‘the monster’ is perfect. Found 6 straightish lengths, milled them down…Continue Reading “Making sawdust!”

Sorting out the shed (and the container)

After giving up on getting my sea container delivered, I hired a moving van for a day and did three trips from the container yard to the shed moving all of my timber. *cries* My main racks, which started off looking like this: …ended up looking more like this: Then I went to put my last section of rack up in the carport (cos there’s no room in the shed!) and found it was too big. So I had to unload an entire rack (the…Continue Reading “Sorting out the shed (and the container)”

Inside rendering!

Finally time to start rendering the inside of the house! Knocked off a couple of sections of the living room: and the little bit over the front door, which I’d finally gotten around to meshing yesterday. I swear I’d mowed this wall a couple of times, but I probably should have mowed it again before starting, it was a little fluffy. Spent a bit more time doing dropsheets than I did on the shed, and pulled them out as part of cleanup (rather than letting…Continue Reading “Inside rendering!”